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Paddle Shape Putter Grips

Many of the worlds leading golfers are using an oversized Putter Grip to improve their putting game. What you may not realise is that the 2Thumb putter grip is a similar design to some of the leading brands, like the Super-Stroke The 2Thumb Putter Grips are paddle-shaped rather than rounded with a flat top, designed by leading putting expert Richard Grazeley, along with his revolutionary 2thumb putting technique. There is no doubt that an oversized putter grip enhances your putting, reducing "wrist-break" and hand movement, the most common cause of poor putting. The 2Thumb range offers flexibility in a paddle shape putter grip, whether you are looking for a putter grip similar to the Super-Stroke putter grip, or if you have a specific requirement.. Our unique range of the some of the best paddle shape putter grips available allows you to feel more balanced and comfortable during your putter lessons and more in control when standing over a putt; we call it the TwoThumb putter system – used in putting lessons all over the world - a serious contender to the Super-Stroke, often at a lower price. And if you are looking for something individual, all of our 2Thumb putter grips can be personalised and customised to suit your needs - put one on your Christmas list! For a feasible, cost effective Paddle Shape Putter Grip, why not give the 2Thumb putter grip a try. Used in conjunction with the 2thumb putting technique, and lessons with your local pro, the 2Thumb will improve your putting - start reducing your handicap now!